ADA Compliance Course Helps Small Businesses Stop Lawsuits

An attorney with expertise in ADA compliance for websites has developed a course that helps small businesses avoid costly litigation by strategically approaching accessibility.

Kris Rivenburgh, the course creator and author of The ADA Book, is confident that his course is exactly what small businesses need.

“The ADA Compliance Course is basically an SOP or step-by-step instructions that website owners can give to their web teams to find and fix the accessibility issues that plaintiffs lawyers are looking for,” Rivenburgh explained.

Website accessibility litigation has persisted for over six years, impacting organizations of all sizes, including small businesses and large corporations. While the number of lawsuits has leveled off, there is no indication that litigation will decline.

Rivenburgh’s training differentiates itself because it closely aligns with actual claims named by plaintiffs law firms.

“Currently, there are two main options in the market: overlay widgets claiming to instantly fix your website and website accessibility audits. Overlays neither make your website accessible nor prevent lawsuits, and manual audits, though essential for full WCAG conformance, are neither timely nor strategic.”

“Audits can create a false sense of security because website owners often equate the investment to resolving the problem. Audits typically take 3-6 weeks for a provider to complete, and even after receiving the report, website owners must still address the issues identified in the audit. And since remediation can span months, prioritization of issues is crucial.”

The ADA Compliance Course is organized into ordered lessons that small business owners can pass on to their web teams, enabling them to promptly identify and rectify the 15 most frequently cited accessibility issues.

Although not perfect, the course is highly effective in reducing the risk of litigation by promoting targeted action.

The course includes strategy discussion, video explanations, code examples, cheatsheets, an Excel spreadsheet checklist.

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Kris Rivenburgh has spent five years researching and writing about digital accessibility and ADA compliance. An attorney and author of The ADA Book, Kris is also the founder of

Kris’s work has been acknowledged by, (Minnesota), (Syracuse),, and Yahoo Small Business. Bloomberg Law has also published Kris’s guides.

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