Mesa, AZ – Arizona Termite Control Company is a locally-owned and operated business with a team of qualified Termite Control specialists trained to perform termite inspection, termite pest control, and termite preventative treatment services. The company operates under Assured Pest Control to accurately exterminate and prevent termites from invading homes and businesses in the area.

Tylor, the owner, and operator of Arizona Termite Control Company has over 20 years of experience in the pest control business. This is what he had this to say about their services, “As you can probably tell, our pest control specialty is killing and preventing termites, especially large infestations. If you think you have termite problems or know you do, your search for the best termite control company in Arizona ends here. I guarantee we will eliminate all your termite problems and provide you with a long-term solution to prevent them from ever returning.”

Despite their small sizes, termites are hard-bodied insects that usually live in colonies and are related to ants. These insects have a variety of habitats, including soil, trees, and deep underground. Termites mainly eat wood, and as a result, they have been a major cause of the destruction of the structural foundation of many homes and businesses. If left untreated, they can bring down a whole building or any other structure made of wood. 

Arizona Termite Control Company uses a combination of methods to eliminate termites from a property effectively. These methods include the application of Termidor chemical, bait stations, and liquid treatments. Termidor is majorly sprayed on the topsoil around the property, where there is a large number of termite infestations. Upon eating the chemical, the termites will randomly die as they return to their colonies. The bait stations, on the other hand, contain a slow-acting poison that will slowly kill the termites with time. Their liquid treatments are mostly applied to the wood structure inhabited by the termites. This method will either kill or stun the termites, but eventually, they all die as they return to their colonies.

In addition, the company also provides several preventative termite control treatments for both homes and businesses. These treatments include the termite baiting system, Termidor SC, and the termite prevention kit among others. The termite baiting systems involve placing bait stations strategically around the perimeter of the property. Eating the bait kills the termites, and in most cases, the entire colony. The Termidor SC is a liquid termiticide injected into the topsoil around the property to form a protective barrier that will bar the termites from entering the home or business. Their termite prevention kits employ the use of physical barriers, such as metal sheeting and foam sealants, to prevent the termites from invading the property.

Arizona Termite Control Company is located at 9345 East Osage Avenue, Mesa, AZ, 85212. Contact the company via phone at 480-660-3093 to request a free inspection service. Alternatively, visit their website to schedule an appointment and to learn more about their Mesa termite control services.

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