Center for Vascular Medicine: A Reliable Medical Partner in Blood Clot Leg Treatment

Center for Vascular Medicine diagnoses and treats blood clots in the legs. They use advanced technologies and highly-experienced physicians and surgeons to improve patient outcomes. 

Center for Vascular Medicine walks with patients in their journey of treating blood clots in the leg. The clinic offers much-needed support to help clients accurately diagnose and get the best-suited treatment for their condition. They have some of the most experienced world-class providers who work with patients to develop a treatment plan customized to their unique situation. 

The clinic encourages early treatment for patients with suspected leg blood clots that manifest through feet swelling, skin redness, soreness, pain, or warmth to the touch. The diagnosis includes analyzing the patient’s medical history, physical evaluations, imaging tests, and sound waves. These tools improve diagnosis to accurately detect blockages or clots in the deep veins and arteries in the legs. 

The physicians offer several blood clot treatment recommendations and the support patients need to make the right choice. Center for Vascular Medicine strongly believes in using the least invasive treatments and advancing to invasive options if the non-invasive remedy is unresponsive. These measures improve patient safety. When recommending treatment, they consider factors like age, overall health, and the clot’s location. 

Some treatment options available at the Center for Vascular Medicine include a prescription of anticoagulants or blood thinners administered by pills or injections. These meds reduce the body’s ability to form new clots and prevent existing clots from becoming bigger. 

Alternatively, the physician may recommend thrombolytics if the blood clots do not respond to anticoagulants. Thrombolytics are administered through a catheter or IV injections to dissolve blood clots but can increase the risk of bleeding. In dire cases, the physician will perform surgery for sizable clots that damage surrounding tissues. A surgical thrombectomy addresses massive clots but is avoidable if patients seek early treatment for a suspected blood clot. 

Center for Vascular Medicine has experienced vascular surgeons and invested heavily in the latest technologies, tools, and equipment. They use evidenced diagnostic procedures throughout the treatment to monitor blood circulation in the periphery, heart, and lungs. The staff ensures patients do not feel alone throughout their recovery journey.

A quote from the clinic website states, “Our mission is to help patients with their vascular diseases in a cost-effective and compassionate manner. Our focus has always been on compassionate patient care. You are treated like our family, so you can spend more time with yours.”

In addition to treating clots in the leg, the clinic specializes in diagnosing and treating deep venous and arterial diseases of the pelvis and lower extremities. They treat conditions like Pelvic Congestion syndrome, May-Thurner Syndrome, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Peripheral arterial Diseases, etc. 

Patients seeking treatment for blood clots in the leg can contact the staff at 3014864690 for consultation and booking. They may visit the company website for more information on how the clinic diagnoses and treats blood clots in the legs. Center for Vascular Medicine is located at 7474 Greenway Center Dr., Greenbelt, Maryland, 20771, US.

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