Edmonton, AB: Depend Exteriors now offers winter stucco protection services to commercial properties and residential condos. Edmonton Stucco Repair service provider uses the advanced Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS), which are non-loading bearing and attached mechanically or adhesively to improve energy efficiency. The EIFS is also made from carefully selected materials such as glass-fiber reinforced mesh, foam, and insulation board. As a result, the cost of the materials is a fraction of what other cladding systems uses, making the insulation process affordable to clients. In addition, the materials are easy to repair in case of spring flooding and other calamities which the client may experience in the future.

Edmonton Stucco Contractors are also keen on the installation process whereby they use tried and tested approaches like continuously applying water and air barriers to attain a higher R-Value. For commercial and residential properties prone to mold buildup, the installation process helps in moisture management, which is key in draining water away and reducing damage caused by water condensation. Thanks to the application method, the client preserves more heat energy during the winter, reducing the monthly bills. The EIFS also has many environmental benefits and, as a result, assists the client to contribute to the noble goal of achieving a greener planet.

Besides stucco protection services assisting the client to save on their monthly utility bills, Depend Exteriors pays close attention to the aesthetics of the condo and the commercial property. The team understands that in addition to making the residential and commercial property ready for the cold season, clients are interested in beautiful designs. So, in each stage, the professionals incorporate elegant and appealing design capabilities, which complements the property’s exclusive angles and natural symmetry. Also, the team takes time in each project customizing each stage to achieve better results based on the client’s specifications and aesthetic needs.

Depend Exteriors has two key EIFS finish textures — crystal finish coat texture and stonetex finish coat texture. The crystal finish texture is unique in its gemstone-based finish and beautiful and luxurious look, which improve the property’s exterior design and aesthetics. Stonetex finish coat, on the other hand, is an ideal option for clients interested in the classic building look but with a touch of extra aesthetic element and masonry work. Regardless of the finish option, the team gives each project the attention it deserves to provide clients value for money and longevity.  

Depend Exteriors is located at 8615 176 street NW, Edmonton, AB, T5T 0M7, CA. Clients interested in stucco repairs and other related services can contact the team at (780) 710-3972. Visit the website for more information.

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