Find A New Furry Friend at Champion Rottweilers: Puppies for Sale in York, PA

York, PA:  Champion Rottweilers is dedicated to breeding healthy and happy Rottweiler puppies that are known for their strong and brave personalities. The breeders take great pride in their work and have a wealth of knowledge about the Rottweiler breed and the lineage of their studs. They conduct extensive research to ensure that people adopting the puppies receive exactly what they are looking for. Families in York who are seeking furry companions that will bring joy and protection to their homes can browse through the latest selection of healthy and contented Rottweiler studs and puppies for sale. As a commitment to customer satisfaction, Champion Rottweilers carefully screens their Rottweiler studs for the quality of their bloodlines and characteristics. 

The Rottweiler breeder is dedicated to responsibly breeding, nurturing, and providing Rottweiler puppies to loving homes. Prospective owners have the opportunity to learn about the puppy’s personality before taking them home to ensure that they are compatible with their new families. Additionally, the knowledgeable Champion Rottweiler breeders are excited to educate owners on the benefits and drawbacks of owning Rottweiler dogs.

As a reputable Rottweiler breeder, Champion Rottweilers prioritize breeding only healthy puppies that exhibit excellent physical fitness. Once the puppies are purchased, new owners are provided with guidance on essential topics such as vaccination schedules, proper nutrition, and adequate healthcare to avoid future health problems. The dog breeder offers a Health Guarantee to attest that their puppies have received all necessary vaccinations, undergone thorough health checks conducted by a veterinarian, and are in excellent health. It is also essential to ensure that the puppies are trained and socialized to prevent the development of undesirable behavior. All puppies acquired from this trusted breeder come with a 30-day Health Guarantee, and extended coverage is available.

The Health Guarantee the breeder provides includes information about the animal and the seller’s obligations and time frame. The obligations explain what the pup breeders need to fulfill before selling any puppy. If a pup has a hereditary or congenital condition affecting its health, the recommendations stipulated in the time frame will apply. It’s important to note that the rules on the Health Guarantee vary depending on the state.

Besides the rottweiler puppies for sale in York, the dog breeder also offers a high-quality stud dog service for those who want to reproduce puppies with the right stud dog. The process begins with an assessment of the traits of the female dog and analyzing inherited traits to find a healthy stud dog with no recessive genes. 

The dog breeders at Champion Rottweilers can be reached at 412-207-3838. They are located at 1569 W King St, Suite 2C, York, PA, 17404, US. Prospective owners can visit their website to find a friendly companion.

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