Hearing Aid Studio Announces Grand Opening, Introducing Cutting-Edge Hearing Aids in Wilmington

Wilmington, NC: Hearing Aid Studio is delighted to announce the grand opening of its new clinic. In addition to offering a new way to buy hearing aids in Wilmington, the clinic aims at assisting individuals experiencing common signs of hearing loss. It proudly offers a wide selection of premium products from renowned manufacturers, including Signia, Sony, Unitron, Lyric, Resound, Oticon, Starkey, and more. By providing these exceptional options, the studio restores patients’ social lives and enables them to work without communication difficulties. 

Hearing studio is also dedicated to redefining the buying experience. In contrast to the outdated industry practice of the bundled approach, where the patients often end up paying for services they may never need, Hearing Aid Studio offers a much fairer unbundled approach. With the team’s assistance, patients can select a service plan and hearing aid technology that aligns with their budget and specifications. Additionally, the recommended custom-fit hearing model takes into account the individual’s hearing range, preferred style, comfort, lifestyle, and listening preferences.

Hearing Aid Studio offers four technology levels, starting with the Platinum level. As the name suggests, the Platinum level incorporates cutting-edge features that enable users to hear sounds even in complex environments, and it has automatic adjustments for optimal performance. The Gold level is another premium option that provides patients with precise understanding, especially in challenging environments – with minimal manual adjustments.

The other two levels are silver and bronze. These two levels are designed for less complex environments and may require more manual adjustments. However, they still offer valuable benefits, helping patients restore their hearing ability and navigate life more easily.

In addition to hearing aids and unmatched buying experience, the hearing aid studio is home to a highly trained and experienced team. With 30 years of expertise, their audiologist and hearing instrument specialist excels in providing personalized and cost-effective solutions. One of the ways the team helps patients find hearing aids that suit their style and budget is through virtual consultations, which can be scheduled at any time.

Hearing Aid Studio is also proud to offer comprehensive one-on-one hearing evaluations as part of its commitment to assisting Wilmington residents with hearing difficulties. The dedicated team conducts a thorough assessment, using non-invasive tools like an otoscope to examine the ear for inflammation, eardrum issues, and other potential obstructions affecting hearing. The evaluation also includes pure-tone tests to determine the softest sounds individuals can detect, bone conduction tests, and assessments of speech comprehension.

Hearing Aid Studio is located at 108 N Kerr Ave STE G1, Wilmington, NC, 28405, US. Patients interested in hearing aids, tests or to schedule a virtual consultation can contact the team at (910) 998-2737. Visit the website for more information.

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