Redmond, WA – Liquor Laboratory has announced the completion of Kentucky’s Edge acquisition process. The completion of the process now makes Kentucky’s Edge a part of Liquor Laboratory. Announcing the move, the spokesperson for the company noted that it is a part of their mission to own and offer more information to readers across Kentucky who wish to learn more about responsible alcohol intake and how to plan a great party while saving costs and getting the right alcoholic ingredients.

Lydia Martin of Liquor Laboratory added: “Kentucky’s Edge was a Bourbon conference known for pairing bourbon with all things Kentucky. Liquor Laboratory acquired Kentucky’s Edge to gain industry knowledge on bourbon’s complexity and help promote other Kentucky Bourbon festivals. It is a great honor, and we plan to release a virtual Kentucky Bourbon conference and other materials with online courses.”

Visitors on the Kentucky’s Edge website will continue to enjoy the in-depth information and engaging content that they are familiar with. The new owners are more focused on continuing in line with the good works that have made visitors familiar with the platform. While on the platform, visitors will also have access to a complete guide to the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, the very first of many informational resources they can expect going forward.

In the introductory part of the guide, Lydia Martin welcomes visitors to the platform and makes the big announcement that welcomes them into a bigger family under Liquor Laboratory. She added: “Kentucky’s Edge is a quintessential event in Northern Kentucky that features the all-time bourbon paired with all things Kentucky, of course. Among the several activities available during this 2-day celebration, participants can enjoy a notable conference featuring bourbon experts, VIP upgrades, and even free events. Other exciting experiences include the Taste and Pair and distillery day tours. We’re just going to go ahead and say it: the whole state of Kentucky loves their bourbon. In fact, they love this American whiskey so much that they’ve dedicated a whole week to commemorate it! Our team spent some time out in the field to tell you everything you need to know about the bourbon-fueled festivities down south, the Kentucky Bourbon Festival.”

Visitors can learn about everything they need to know about the festival while also browsing other sections of Liquor Laboratory’s website to get information on various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink recipes. Liquor Laboratory is headquartered at 17275 NE 120th Way, Redmond, WA 98052 United States. Get in touch with them via phone at 425 450 2480 or visit the website.

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By Arlene Huff

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