ELK GROVE (CBS13) — One Elk Grove family says the grinch who stole Christmas drove a blue Amazon van.

“I was absolutely shocked,” Sarah Ross said. “It’s not something you think your trusted Amazon drivers would be doing.”

Ross has been receiving a lot of holiday packages, including a gaming chair for her son from his girlfriend via UPS. But once she realized it wasn’t there on her porch, she checked surveillance cameras and saw an Amazon driver not only dropping off more gifts but disappearing with hers.

The Amazon driver seen walking back to his vehicle with Sarah Ross’s package. (credit: Sarah Ross)

“The driver notices the package on the porch, kind of takes a look at it and decides to pick it up. He carries it down to his blue Amazon van, opens up the back and puts the chair right into his Amazon truck and drives off,” she said.

Ross says she notified Amazon about the theft immediately.

“Because the driver did drop off the packages they were able to trace it back to what driver it was so they know exactly who it is,” she said.

Then she contacted Elk Grove police who are now investigating. No Christmas surprise for her son, but there likely will be one for this Amazon driver.

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“This is a tough lesson, but I’m not sure that person can be trusted,” she said.

As for the gift?

“[Amazon hasn’t] said if they’re going to give the package back, get a new one or compensate us for the cost of it. We don’t know that part yet,” Ross said.


By Richard Moran

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