ANTELOPE (CBS13) — After months of separation and practicing over Zoom, the Antelope High School Titan band is spreading holiday cheer with their annual ambush parades.

At the ambush parade Monday night, the large crowds may have been absent, but these high school musicians played with more passion than ever.

“The community has given a lot to the band program and we want to give back to the community,” Daniel Timofeyev, Antelope High School Titan Band instructor, said.

The band brought the sounds of traditional holiday harmonies such as “Jingle Bells” to the community where some feared the rhythmic ritual would go silent this year.

“We weren’t sure how it was going to go this year with COVID, but it’s nice to see everybody’s wearing a mask,” Dawn Sweeney said.

With each student masked and six feet apart, the band hit the streets of Antelope for a little festive fun that many said was desperately needed to help brighten what’s been a dark year.

“I just think it’s a nice thing to spread positivity and kind of spread the holiday spirit, especially now when we need it more than ever,” Hunter Sweeney said.

It’s clear the last few months of practice sessions over Zoom paid off.

“It’s what we have to do and stuff and I’m proud to say that we’re able to march here with these COVID restrictions going on,” a student said.

The parade is part of the culture in the community, and something not only the students but the Sweeney family look forward to every year. They make sure their home is full of lights before the band arrives.

“We think it probably gives them a little bit more cheer and it adds to the whole feeling of the parade,” Garrett Sweeney said.

A second parade is scheduled for next week at 6:30 p.m.

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