SOUTH LAKE TAHOE (CBS13) — A bear cub burned in the North Complex Fire has recovered enough to be transferred to a new facility that will help her get ready to be released back into the wild.

The bear cub was taken in by Gold Country Wildlife Rescue at the outset of the destructive wildfire. Shen went through intensive medical treatments to treat her burns, including many bandage changes, tilapia fish skin grafts, cold laser therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and medications.

The veterinarians who helped the bear cub recover. (Credit: Gold Country Wildlife Rescue)

On Thursday, the rescue announced that the bear had gained 33 pounds since being in their care.

With her recovery progressing positively, the rescue also announced that the bear will be transferred over to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care. There, she will grow up further along with another bear cub.

The hope is that the bear will be released back into the wild next year, the rescue says.

More from CBS Sacramento:

Gold Country Wildlife Rescue says it was the first of five burned patients to graduate from them. The four other burned animals remaining in their care include a bobcat, two coyotes and a fox.


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