Last week was shorts weather in the Bay Area, today there was chilly temperatures, high winds and even rain.

Normally outdoor seats at one Los Gatos restaurant would be filled, but the chilly temperatures drove people inside. The change in weather is also speeding up efforts to prevent flooding in burn zones.

Even outdoor heaters weren’t enough to get diners to eat outside, but many people welcomed the change.

“It’s chilly, it’s crisp, it wakes me up,” said Linda Cox of San Jose.

A brief hailstorm in Milpitas also woke people up, with high winds that whipped flags and turned up umbrellas.

“It feels all of a sudden like it’s winter, it even rained a bit,” said Lauren Burton of Palo Alto.

For many, the weather shift meant simply reaching for warmer coats. But firefighters are trying to get a big job done before heavier rain hits.

Cal Fire crews are focusing their attention on thousands of acres burned by the CZU Complex Fire in Santa Cruz County and the SCU Complex Fire in Santa Clara and Alameda Counties.

They’re doing what’s called fire suppression repair to try to prevent erosion.

“Moving logs or trees on the roadway and clearing drainages so when the really heavy rains hit the waterways will not back up,” said Cal Fire Battalion Chief Russell West.

They’ve brought in dozers and hand crews to quickly complete the job.

In Los Gatos the weather is not just impacting restaurants, but outdoor barber shops and retail stores too. Some people are just staying home because it’s so cold.


By Richard Moran

Richard Moran loves to write about sports with the Golden State Online. Before that, he worked as a senior writer at ESPN. Richard grew up in San Diego and graduated from the University of San Diego in 2004, after which he worked as an editor for five years.

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