Two years ago, after many years of representation by Travis Allen, voters in California’s 72nd Assembly District narrowly elected Republican Tyler Diep over Democrat Josh Lowenthal.

In March, however, Diep, a moderate Republican who has made a point of reaching across the aisle, failed to make it out of the primary.

In an unusual situation, prompted by Diep’s vote in support of Assembly Bill 5, former state senator Janet Nguyen, a Republican, entered the race and emerged the top vote-getter.

Diedre Nguyen, a Democratic member of the Garden Grove City Council, came in second, edging out incumbent Diep.

With the seat up for grabs, we endorse Janet Nguyen.

Janet Nguyen’s message is clear and straightforward: Sacramento is taking the state in the wrong direction by taxing away small businesses and the middle class.

As a mother of two school-aged children, she wants to be a voice for common-sense policymaking and reverse that deleterious direction.

That’s a sound basis for the sort of lawmaker California needs.

Janet Nguyen’s impetus for entering the race, Assembly Bill 5, is a clear indication of her eagerness to fight for worker freedom and economic opportunity for Californians.

Of course, Janet Nguyen is aware that if elected, she’ll be in the superminority of the Legislature and state Senate.

But that doesn’t discourage her.

“We might not see eye to eye, but there are issues we can work together on,” she told us of Capitol Democrats.

Janet Nguyen isn’t willing to sacrifice her principles to vote for legislation she thinks isn’t in the best interests of her constituents, but she wants to make sure that Republicans have a seat at the table as legislation is being crafted and debated.

“I am beholden to only my constituents,” she told us.

For voters in the 72nd Assembly District who are rightly upset about terrible laws like Assembly Bill 5, and rightly fearful of Sacramento’s endless onslaughts of tax increases and who favor much-needed pension reforms, Janet Nguyen is the clear choice.

We strongly encourage voters in the 72nd Assembly District to elect Janet Nguyen this November to represent them in Sacramento.


By Arlene Huff

Arlene Huff is the founding member of Golden State Online. Before that She was a general assignment reporter. A native Californian, she graduated from the University of California with a degree in medical anthropology and global health. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

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