VACAVILLE (CBS13) — Remembering those who have served our country past and present. It’s a tribute done every year, but like everything amid the pandemic, but this year there were modifications.

The Veterans Day ceremony in Vacaville struck a chord with Kathleen Heeren.

“I’m very glad to see it,” said Heeren.

From the music to the many who decided to show up in person, she thought it was a success.

“We have 190,000 women veterans in California. And hopefully, more women will come out and be part of this,” Heeren said.

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Danny Jackson is retired from the Navy and is now a local businessman.

“It’s good to get together with our fellow veterans and appreciate each other — it’s hard to do that over Zoom,” he said.

With masks and social distancing, they honored those who have served our country in war or peace. Jackson brought his whole family, including his parents from South Carolina. Jackson Sr. is a retired Army and loved the pageantry.

“It was fantastic,” he said.

Jackson’s wife is retired air force. She says their love of country and community is what brought them together.

“Because we have a common experience, a common knowledge and we both have the same core values,” she said.

Over the years that shared dedication to the armed services is something they encouraged in their son. They bring him to every Veterans Day ceremony.

“I am inspired. I think it makes you think you can do anything you want. You can serve your country, you can serve your town, even if it’s any little thing like picking up trash,” he said.

Uniting when so many are separated, a teachable moment in a time when vets need it most.

“We put in a lot of time for this country and it’s nice to know the city of Vacaville loves us back,” Jackson said.

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