SAN JOSE — A Bay Area company has built prefabricated homes slated to be installed this week in the backyards of two San Jose residences in a quest to help make a dent in the region’s housing crisis.

Redwood City-based Abodu has fashioned prefabricated homes with a starting price of $189,000, offering a turnaround time of as little as 12 weeks to complete and install in the backyards of San Jose residences, the manufactured housing company said.

“San Jose homeowners are looking for fast and easy solutions to add livable space to their property,” said John Geary, chief executive officer with Adodu.

The shortest turnaround time of 12 weeks is available only in San Jose. That’s due to San Jose’s brisk planning process for backyard units, Abodu said. Turnarounds are longer in other Bay Area cities, according to Abodu.

One San Jose residence where Abodu intends to install a backyard home — officially known as an accessory dwelling unit — is a house at 285 S. 12th St. in San Jose, according to Abodu.

“Pre-fabricated accessory dwelling units or ADU’s are an essential tool for building housing for those who need it quickly,” San Jose City Councilman Raul Peralez said.

The installations in San Jose this week involve the latest Abodu product, a studio that totals 340 square feet, the company said.

Abodu said it has installed in San Jose several one-bedroom one-bath ADUs with a size of 500 square feet.

“I’m glad to see homeowners working with Abodu are taking advantage of San Jose’s ADU program and increasing our housing stock,” Councilman Peralez said.

In 2018, the city of San Jose issued 190 permits for accessory dwelling units. In 2019, the city issued 400 such permits, an increase of about 111%, or more than double.

The homes typically arrive on a truck and are installed using a mobile crane. Installations usually require a few hours.

“Abodu provides one of the fastest methods available to add livable space, empowered by San Jose’s pre-approved ADU program,” Abodu CEO Geary said.




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