SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Finding some type of joy during this particular Christmas is a must, as the pandemic made the most wonderful time of the year look very different.

“We normally have a big Christmas pancake breakfast and we didn’t do that,” Jennifer Harmann, in East Sacramento, said. “I mean I’m out walking McKinley Park. That’s not a normal activity.”

The pandemic also cut into the normalcy of seeing family this holiday.

“I’m usually jumping around between different relatives’ houses, and I can’t do that this year,” Gino Fields, in East Sacramento, said.

At McKinley Park, Madison Calder was still shooting his shot of keeping one Christmas tradition alive and well this year.

“Shooting hoops is typically something I’ve done with some family,” Calder said. “It’s nice to actually maintain a tradition at a time where a lot of those have gone by the wayside.”

Over in South Sacramento, some were ordering up new ways to feed their soul during Christmas.

“I’m having Chinese food for Christmas this year. We usually have steak or something. So, that’s why it’s different this year,” Sylvia Ouchida, who ordered takeout from Jade Fountain Café, said.

It was also a different feeling for the owner of Jade Fountain Café, Randy Lee. Christmas Day is a time where his restaurant would be filled with regulars sitting down to eat.

“Although, we see them come in and go. But, we wish we could stay and talk to them a little longer,” Lee said.

People have done away with their normal holiday tradition and experiences due to the pandemic. But, there’s a mindset people are having during Christmas and with the last few days of 2020.

“We’re trying to make the best of it,” Erika Marroquin, who was at McKinley Park, said.

“Just trying to make a bad situation a little bit better,” Rich Tang, who was picking up food for his mother at Jade Fountain Café, said.

Many of the people we spoke to are using Zoom and FaceTime to communicate with family to still get that Christmas feel.


By Kelley Wheeler

Kelley Wheeler is a Metro reporter covering political issues and general assignments. A second-generation journalist, worked with all major news outlet, she holds a vast expeirience. Kelley is a graduate of USC with degrees in journalism and English literature. She is a recipient of Yale’s Poynter Fellowship in Journalism.

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