MODESTO (CBS13) — A Modesto family’s car was stolen just weeks before Christmas.  Leticia Chavez parked outside her apartment and Monday morning her vehicle was gone.

“The car, it takes us everywhere we need to go. I didn’t believe it,” Chavez said.

To make matters worse, Christmas gifts for her son were in the trunk of the stolen car. Modesto police officer Felix Carrillo says after he took the report he and his partners decided their job wasn’t done.

“My heart was broken when I knew his presents were in there,” Carrillo said.

The officers decided to help out by getting Chavez’s son AJ a set of police LEGOs, a stuffed K9 dog and some stickers. AJ loved his presents but loved meeting his hometown heroes even more.

“Her son is overly excited. So excited that I’m there doesn’t even care that his mom’s car was stolen,” Carrillo said.

AJ says he now wants to be a police officer, except there’s one problem: “I just don’t know how to drive a police officer car.”

Officers were able to recover Chavez’s car, but the gifts were gone.

“I know it’s Christmas and all but for them to go out of their way. I was really happy and excited and grateful,” she said. 

The silver lining? Just a few weeks out from Christmas, it looks like her son will get to celebrate twice!

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By Arlene Huff

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