SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — People across the region were making every minute count until the stay-at-home order took effect Thursday night. Dozens of people filled restaurants across the Sacramento region, but customers say their last meal isn’t only about the food.

Adrian Garcia, who spent his last meal out at Polanco’s at DOCO, said he wanted to have one last night out on the town.

“We know how it feels to be indoors for a very long time so we are out here living our very best life,” Garcia explained.

It’s a restaurant rush as customers enjoy their last meal out hours before the clock strikes 12.

“We did our photo in front of the Christmas tree, forced everyone to wear Santa hats, we are just trying a last good final meal in before everything closes down,” said Kendall Dekreek. “They rely on the tips and paycheck, they have families too and just thinking about how they are going to spend their Christmas or buy their gifts so it’s important for us to come and support.”

On Friday all outdoor seating at Polanco’s at DOCO will be empty, as the Sacramento region restrictions go into effect forcing restaurants to only offer meals to-go.

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“We want to support or local community and make sure our businesses stay open,” said Garcia.

“It’s almost emotional because you work so hard to develop a momentum with your clientele, to have them here still supportive it hits you in the heart,” said Polanco general manager Oscar Vazquez.

The wave of support covered R Street with dozens of people showing up for last call.

“To be able to support service workers on their last night, to be able to get tips as they normally would, I think we should all feel a little bit of a responsibility to support them,” said customer, Brandon Weiss.

Tiger Bar and Food Hall on K Street is closing during the minimum three-week stay-at-home order as COVID cases increase in the region. They are used their final hours to support colleagues in the industry with a meal on the house.

“Feeding our people, our industry, that makes us feel really good about it cause we are all hurting financially, emotionally, and it’s more of that emotional pieces that feed people, we feel good about it, they feel good about it, let’s all feel a little bit better,” said Adam Pechal, Tiger Executive Chef.

Tiger used the $500 to $1,000 they spent on food to make around 500 free meals for their colleagues around the area.

“Everyone is struggling so, so hard. So somebody like Tiger who is probably going to throw out all their food is instead choosing to donate to everybody else that is hurting is such an amazing, beautiful thing as those in the service industry grapple with another set-back,” said Arynne Lowe who works in the restaurant industry.

It’s the support from each other and the region those in the service industry hope will cook up business in the future.

“I love Sacramento and it is a special place where the community has proven time and time again that it will support those who support each other,” said Polo Adamo, Owner at Adamo’s Kitchen.

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