SACRAMENTO(CBS13) — A squatter squabble in Arden Arcade is halting the sale of a home on Delma Way near Business 80.

Megan Price is the realtor for the sale of the home owned by Belwood Investments. She says the discovery of a possible squatter living inside the home with a child led to a police standoff over the weekend. But the man refused to leave the home, claiming it’s his.

The ordeal led to an eviction process that could be delayed due to a backlog of cases due to the pandemic.

“But we’ve already taken the necessary steps to start that eviction process,” Price said.

Mitch Abdallah is a real estate attorney. He says notice must be given to the accused squatter before filing an unlawful detainer. If the squatter responds, a hearing date with we scheduled within 20 days.

“If they don’t respond they can immediately go to court and get an order to evict them,” Abdallah said.

But the timeline depends on the court which is dealing with a backlog of cases due to the pandemic. And depending on how the accused squatter responds, it could take longer.

“We are still seeing this probably will be on a best-case scenario a 30 to 45-day process on a worst-case scenario an eight to nine-month process to get him out,” Price said.

The accused squatter was given a notice to vacate on Monday. Depending on the outcome, a judge will then determine if the sheriff’s office can forcibly remove him.

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