STOCKTON (CBS13) — The brothers of a Stockton teen killed in a tragic car accident are picking up and continuing their brother’s new business.

“To see someone else or my other brother do it, it just felt weird,” Marcel Ware, Treyvon Breckenridge’s brother, said.

They have every right to feel this way. They’re taking over their brother’s business — a cleaning service — in a way this family didn’t plan or ever dream of happening.

“Trey had plans of going to college, but instead he went to heaven,” Kim Ganner, Treyvon’s mother, said.

Seventeen-year-old Treyvon died in a car crash alongside three others on Sept. 18 in Tracy.

“It’s still a process. We’re still in shock that we lost a loved one,” Dmarea Breckenridge, Treyvon’s brother, said.

Treyvon started this cleaning service hoping to help others during the pandemic. He also hoped that inspiration would be passed down to his brothers.

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“I’m just really leaving this out for my little brothers. When they grow up, like I just want to keep it in the family,” Treyvon Breckenridge said during an interview with CBS13 on August 18th, 2020.

Hesitation didn’t wash over them picking up where their brother left off.

“Everywhere we go when we see garbage cans, the first thing we think about is our brother because this is what he started for us,” Dmarae Breckenridge said.

“To me, we’re still finishing the business together because, in spirit, he’s still here,” Ware said.

This family is taking each day minute-by-minute following this tragedy. As they are feeling sorrow, there’s a sense of pride knowing Treyvon’s watching them continue clean and carry on the business in his honor.

“That’s the hardest part is living with a broken heart. But, my kids give me strength and knowing that I know that Trey wouldn’t want me to fall apart,” Ganner said.

Ganner says that she feels incredibly proud of her sons picking up Treyvon’s business. She told CBS13 that they’ve been getting plenty of calls for service ever since her sons announced they’d continue the business in Trey’s honor.


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