Germantown, MD: Paré & Associates, LLC, offers legal services to clients filing for divorce or separation due to domestic violence, un-reconcilable differences, or any conflict. In addition to the emotional aspect, many factors are at stake in a separation or divorce. To ensure the client’s interests are protected throughout the process, the attorney assists them in understanding the situation from a legal perspective and discusses potential costs, outcomes, and the best strategies to employ. 

The Germantown-based law firm also focuses on gray divorces, assisting older people in transitioning smoothly from marriage. Unlike the other divorce cases, there are many factors at stake, such as the approaching retirement and financial complications. Regardless of their reasons to separate or divorce, the attorney curates a strategy to protect the client’s financial, future health care, and other interests. If they have special requests, such as the need to agree on their adult children’s college tuition, wedding cost, and other supports, the attorney assists them in drafting agreements and exploring the available options. 

The Paré & Associates, LLC also assists the client in exploring alternative ways to avoid contested divorce, especially if they had children from the marriage. On the plan, the Germantown divorce lawyer helps the client to capture all the key factors that may disrupt their health and happiness, such as child custody. The attorney ensures the best interests of the child/children are protected either through mediation or the court system. 

Besides children, finances are more likely to take center stage in a divorce case. The client may request alimony, a support aid, from the other party and vice versa. Considering that financial assistance cases rely on different factors such as length of the marriage, reasons for divorce, and financial situation during the marriage, working with an attorney helps. They ensure the client’s interests, regardless of their side in an alimony claim, are protected by exploring the relevant laws and building a study case. 

The law firm also represents clients in marital property disputes, considering property division is often subject to the court’s discretion in Maryland. While the definition of marital property is anything acquired during the marriage, clients need legal representation in protecting their interests as some property may be gifts and inheritance. Also, the attorney is vital in advancing their interests, especially in cases where the marital property’s ownership is in question. 

Clients interested in divorce lawyer’s services can contact the team at (301) 515-1190. Paré & Associates, LLC is located at 19737 Executive Park Cir, Germantown, MD, 20874. Visit the law firm’s website for more information.

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