Edmonton, AB – Performance Chiropractic + Physiotherapy is an innovative facility that was created to treat injuries and improve the quality of life of people. Since its inception, the main goal has been to aid athletes and individuals that lead different lifestyles, maximize their overall performance, improve balance/function, and pain. 

The clinic comprises a team of physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, and other specialists committed to diagnosing and treating sports injuries and neuromuscular disorders through manipulation of the spine. While there are many clinics in Edmonton, Performance Chiropractic + Physiotherapy uses unique chiropractic techniques and advanced technology to offer treatment solutions for all age groups. 

Performance Chiropractic + Physiotherapy provides chiropractic care for patients with over-used muscles due to collisions, pulls, tears, trauma, and hypoxia which can cause the body to produce dense and tough scar tissue in the affected area. The chiropractors also restore mobility, alleviate pain, and offer relief from tissue injuries caused by a single traumatic event such as repetitive stress, poor spinal posture, or improper lifting of a heavy object. 

Whether a patient is concerned about joint pain, chronic pain from an injury, or decreased mobility, they can find support, achieve optimal health, and improve movement from physiotherapy offered at Performance Chiropractic + Physiotherapy. The physiotherapists have extensive training in intramuscular stimulation (IMS), manual therapy, and exercise rehabilitation to help patients achieve their desired treatment goals. 

The Edmonton Chiropractor also specializes in active release to diagnose and treat problems with nerves, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia. The certified A.R.T providers resolve headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, shin splints, sciatica, shoulder pain, knee problems, plantar fasciitis, and tennis elbow. Additionally, Performance Chiropractic + Physiotherapy offers shockwave therapy to accelerate the healing process in the body against scar tissue, heel spurs, stress fractures, hamstring tendonitis, and other cell tissue issues. 

The massage therapists use a combination of myofascial therapies focused on reducing chronic strain patterns, trigger points, scar tissues, and adhesions. They specialize in deep tissue massage, pregnancy massages, clinical sports massage therapy, relaxation, and injury rehabilitation. Their techniques relieve stress, improve circulation, alleviate tension, improve flexibility, promote speedy soft tissue recovery, and relieve discomfort related to pregnancy. 

The team utilizes their experience, skills, and vast knowledge in the field to find the root cause of a problem, treat any symptoms, and create a custom plan for each patient. For enhanced effectiveness, they use a holistic approach by incorporating current chiropractic techniques, massage, acupuncture services, and rehabilitative exercises to encourage their patients to change their lifestyles, prevent future injuries, and lead healthier lives. 

To experience relief from the injury rehab clinic, call (780) 433-9920 to make an appointment. Performance Chiropractic + Physiotherapy is located at 2025 111 St NW, Edmonton, AB, T6J 4V9, Canada. For any inquiries about the services they offer, visit the clinic’s website. 

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By Arlene Huff

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