Strongsville, OH – Over time, mold, grime, dirt particles, and loose paint get embedded on roofs, siding, windows, and exterior of residential/commercial buildings. Besides being an eyesore, debris build-up can result in illnesses that are expensive to resolve. While pressure washing is a sure way of improving the appearance of a building, most people lack the skills to do it properly, even with the most advanced pressure washing equipment on the market. Power Green intervenes to help property owners across Strongsville bring a fresh and healthy look to their properties by offering professional pressure washing services. 

The company comprises a team of technicians trained to pressure wash different parts of a home/business without causing structural damage. When it comes to pressure washing, they’re committed to doing the job right the first time, saving their clients’ money and allowing them to focus on other areas of their lives. They utilize cleaning products and equipment that are safe for different materials, landscapes, or surrounding properties. 

House washing clears algae and contaminants that consume the exterior of a property. Power Green uses a low-pressure soft washing approach using a more chemical-driven process compared to high-pressure washing that only removes surface stains and leaves behind living spores/roots in place for re-growth. Using this approach, the technicians can clean siding, windows, roofs, or concrete in a fraction of time, resulting in long-lasting results. To discover facts about this approach to expert pressure washing, Browse Our Website

To protect concrete against the Ohio freeze-thaw winters, Power Green uses Siloxane-Silane penetrating sealers after pressure washing. The sealers keep salt and water from damaging a property’s driveway/patio and are anti-slip for added protection against slips/falls. Clients can pick from 3 levels of concrete sealers and 2 decorative sealers depending on their preferences or property needs. When dirt is left behind on the layer of protection, it can be rinsed off easily by the rain or a water hose. 

The pressure washing technicians understand the amount of work that goes into cleaning rust surfaces, brick, wood, vinyl, or other surfaces. For this reason, they give their clients free estimates and educate them on how their services would meet their needs. On the day of the appointment, the technicians arrive with safe equipment and industrial-grade trailers to not only pressure wash but also perform landscaping jobs. They also take special precautions by using coverings around gardens, flower beds, and garden/landscape fixtures to prevent contact/friction between materials. 

Power Green is on the mission of bringing high quality affordable residential/commercial pressure washing and restoration services to the communities of Strongsville. Check Out Our Pressure Washing Service on our website or call 216-839-9274 to get a quote. We’re located at 11865 Prospect Rd, Strongsville, OH, 44149, US.

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