Jacksonville, FL: Prime Roofing offers metal roofing services to clients interested in roofing material that will last them for decades and improve their home’s energy efficiency. It utilizes new technology when building custom layouts to achieve precise results and give clients value for money. In addition, the company has invested in new equipment that allows the roofers to use CAD to design and achieve the highest possible level of accuracy and therefore avoid wastage often associated with installing metal roofs. Thanks to the tech-centered process and the in-house installation, the company has achieved A+ BBB Rating

Besides, the Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor only uses premium materials in the installation process. Before installing the metal roof, the installers cover the roof with a peel and stick membrane, which besides having waterproof capabilities, is specifically designed for metal roofs. Afterward, the team installs a thicker metal with at least 24 gauge thickness for two reasons: to keep the trims flat and make the roof stiffer. In addition to the company having high standards on the metal thickness and the type of protective membrane, clients can get information regarding the installation process from the company. 

In addition, Prime Roofing ensures that the metal roof installed accommodates crucial roof elements such as vents and pipes. Since every client has unique needs regarding the vents and pipes placements, the team customizes each project by fabricating the pipe and vent flashing. It also fabricates chase covers for the chimney, skylight details, and other custom elements to add an elegant finish to the property. Similarly, each client gets a custom-made valley to give the home a unique look and add another waterproofing layer. Other customization features to create a unique metal roof are the choice of color and the metal. The Jacksonville-based company installs traditional mechanically locked metal roofs and SnapLock style standing seam metal roofing. 

Besides metal roofs, Prime Roofing specializes in installing shingle roofs to clients interested in different roofing materials but with the same professionalism and customization as metal roofs. It starts with site preparation by reducing debris and setting up tarps before removing the old roof and inspecting the plywood. To ensure the new installation is waterproof, the team installs a water barrier and later synthetic underlayment, which acts as a vapor barrier. Later, the technicians install drop edge before installing shingles, vent, and plumbing flashing. In each process, the team pays attention to the home design, the client’s demands, and other special needs, such as the condition of the plywood. 

Prime Roofing is located at 3500 Beachwood Court, Suite 207, Jacksonville, FL. Clients interested in professional metal roofing can contact the company at 904-530-1446. Visit the website for more information. 

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