Tucson, AZ – QC Kinetix (Orange Grove) uses regenerative medicine treatments and biological therapies to address common painful and discomforting symptoms experienced by their patients. The treatment specialists focus on holistically treating pain and discomfort while saving their patients from the risks and complications associated with surgical procedures.

QC Kinetix (Orange Grove) has treated many patients in the past and continues to expand on its treatment strategies to ensure improved health and wellness for patients. Patients at the pain clinic can expect personalized services from the start to the end. New patients will be able to schedule an initial consultation where they will discuss their health challenges with the specialists. Patients will then be comprehensively assessed and examined, after which a diagnosis will be established. The regenerative medicine treatment specialists at QC Kinetix (Orange Grove) ensure that each patient is educated about their condition, after which they will develop a treatment plan to address the problem.

The QC Kinetix (Orange Grove) spokesperson, describing what to expect said: “Many patients in Tucson think that surgery is the only way to attain lasting pain relief. However, this is not true. On top of that, surgery is sometimes not ideal for patients, with its invasive nature often leaving patients in more pain during those long recovery periods. You can now avoid all of that thanks to the solutions we provide. We aim to help patients achieve effective results without undergoing invasive procedures that leave them facing long recoveries or harmful side effects. Backed by a professional team and unmatched services, you can expect the best experience during your treatment sessions.”

The Tucson regenerative medicine practices at QC Kinetix (Orange Grove) have proven effective in treating knee pain caused by cartilage injuries, fractures, tendonitis pain, bone dislocation, and other causes of knee pain. The treatment has also proven effective as an alternative for surgical procedures in treating damaged or broken ligaments due to ACL or PCL. Patients who suffer from shoulder pain, those who experience pain in the shoulder joint and the upper part of their arm, those who have noticed weakness in the upper arms, those who feel a tingling sensation in their shoulder, and others are also welcome to visit the pain clinic.

QC Kinetix (Orange Grove) is open to those experiencing ankle pain, low back pain, wrist pain, elbow pain, finger and toe pain, hip pain, and other joint-related pain and discomfort. Visit QC Kinetix (Orange Grove) at 1925 W. Orange Grove Rd., Ste 106, Tucson, AZ, 85704, or call (520) 497-4955 to schedule an appointment. For more information, visit their website.

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