Salem, NH – Studies reveal that roughly one in three Americans are obese or overweight. Many such individuals actively trying to achieve ideal body weight admit trying many different means to no avail. While effective, the two most recommended weight loss plans – proper dieting and regular exercise – may not be ideal for some individuals. For instance, exercising is seldom a viable option for any overweight person with physical disabilities. On the other hand, genetic predisposition can render dieting efforts aimed at weight loss ineffective for some. Luckily, the residents of Salem, NH, and the surrounding areas have another alternative, thanks to Saha Integrative Wellness and Weight Loss. 

“I just had my 8th contour light session with Patricia, who is great, and I feel amazing. I lost 7” at my first session, then started my 15-session package, and I am so happy I decided to do this. Not only does it help with weight loss, but it also helps with body aches, belly bloat, and better skin. I’m looking forward to my next session on Wednesday. These treatments have helped me so much with my anxiety as well. I highly recommend Salem Body Contouring.” commented one happy client about their experience at the weight loss clinic. 

The Salem weight loss clinic uses a game-changing fat reduction technology called Contour Light®. This revolutionary technique uses infrared technology to reduce body fat with impressive results and zero side effects. Clients will be happy to know that Contour Light® has undergone and passed all the necessary safety tests and is FHA-cleared and IRB-approved. Although results often vary from person to person, clients can expect to lose between one and six inches of body fat on their first session, with the average figure being 2.5 inches. Even better, the body sculpting technology can be applied to several body parts simultaneously to hasten the process. 

Sustainable weight loss Salem NH remains the primary goal at Saha Integrative Wellness and Weight Loss. Rather than aim for quick, short-lived results, the clinic’s weight loss specialists work to provide clients with long-term effects that will boost their confidence and self-esteem for as long as possible. This is why they complement their treatments with valuable tips on proper dieting and effective exercises whenever applicable. According to many formerly-overweight patients who underwent the clinic’s weight loss program, zero downtime is among the things they appreciated the most. Unlike surgical weight loss procedures, Contour Light® is completely non-invasive. This advantage allows patients to go on with their everyday lives unencumbered immediately after treatment. 

Except for the first session, which involves consultation, initial examination, and measurement taking, each fat reduction and skin tightening session lasts roughly thirty-five minutes. Many clients find the sessions convenient as they don’t take too much time. Visit the clinic’s location at 48 Stiles Rd, Suite 104, Salem, NH, 03079, USA. Potential clients can direct any questions to one of their representatives at (617) 334-6517. More information on their weight loss programs is available on the clinic’s website. 

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By Arlene Huff

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