Fujian, China – SAMODRA, one of the leading manufacturers of consumer-facing products, has announced the launch of its new Button Bidet Pro. The new product adds to the line of bidet options offered by the company to help consumers improve their health and hygiene. The aesthetically designed product comes into the market packing some of the most amazing features like front and rear cleaning for a targeted spray on the user’s pooper, memory water pressure that saves the user’s water pressure settings, so they don’t have to adjust the settings with each use, and more.

The newly launched Button Bidet Pro is sold with everything users need to install it completely for use. Users will find that the product is easy to install and requires no electricity or additional plumbing, thus saving them money on all fronts. Users will also enjoy the advantages of the product’s automatic self-cleaning nozzle and the 60 days risk-free guarantee offered.

Describing what the Button Bidet Pro offers to customers, the spokesperson for the company noted that the product offers users a more hygienic way to manage themselves and their health while in the toilet. Users can take advantage of the self-cleaning device after they have used the washroom without having to worry about their personal cleanliness or hygiene. With the Button Bidet Pro, users will be able to clean themselves thoroughly while getting rid of any fecal matter or urine droplets.

Further stating the advantages of the product, the spokesperson added: “Bidets are great for your health. Lax washroom hygiene creates the perfect conditions for bacteria and fungi to thrive. Cleaning oneself with a bidet and drying yourself afterward helps prevent such cases. Bidets are also eco-friendly compared to other self-cleansing means. For instance, tissue paper leads to deforestation, carbon dioxide emissions, plastics, etc. However, water used when using bidets can be recycled. For sensitive skins, you can rest assured that your groin and nether region will be free from the toxic chemicals contained in tissue papers while avoiding bruises too.”

Interested customers can visit the company’s website at samodrahome.com to learn more about the product, its features, and more. SAMODRA has ensured that the Button Bidet Pro’s unique button design offers users the ultimate experience as they promote and improve their hygiene. Users can expect a push-button that’s more convenient than knobs, separate controls for adjusting water pressure and water volume, separate start and stop buttons, easy to operate buttons for children and the elderly, and more.

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By Arlene Huff

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