Dupage County, IL – Moisture from outside a property, leaking pipes, and other water-related disasters cause cracks to develop on a foundation’s surface or, worse, lead to property damages. Seepageseal addresses these issues by offering waterproofing, crawl space, basement, and foundation repair services.

Seepageseal has offered waterproofing, crawl space, basement, and foundation repair solutions for a considerable period because it has been using well-crafted and effective methods. This company designs its techniques to eliminate cracks, mold, unpleasant odors, poor air quality, and discourages rodent breeding grounds and reduces water levels and seepage. In addition, while offering these services, this specialist factors clients’ budgets.

Seepageseal’s representative noted, “We have completed well in excess of thousands of projects and repairs, primarily for residents and small commercials. Our answers and solutions are simple and effective, and proven to be long-lasting with lifetime warranties. You do not end up with another company fixing the same problem twice.”

Techniques used by Seepageseal specialists in foundation crack repairs include epoxy crack injection and polyurethane crack injection for wider gaps and leaking cracks, respectively, as well as exterior crack repair as preventive measures for basement leaks. Moreover, they offer steam beam installations to stall concrete wall bowing and movement.

This team is trained on utilizing basement waterproofing methods, such as drain tile installations. This procedure is convenient for existing or constructing new properties and goes along with other waterproofing techniques. Exterior drain tiles drain stormwater from the property to the street or storm sewers, whereas interior drain tiles collect and redirect water to the sump pit and pumps for removal.

Seepageseal’s staff members offer installations of sump pumps and backup systems that work along with a 120-volt primary pump, with features like a 12-volt deep cycle battery, an advanced charger. They also offer to install Egress windows, which are mandatory for basements and act as an emergency and rescue opening.

In addition, the specialists provide crawl space encapsulation, where they seal the space with a vapor barrier and rigid concrete. Besides keeping rodents away, preventing moisture and eliminating the foul smell from crawl spaces, their services create a clean and dry storage space and cut energy and cooling costs.

Seepageseal is committed to providing clients with a quality service experience from the moment they are contacted to the actual service delivery. A team of well-trained and experienced professionals conducts the company’s waterproofing and repair services.

Contact the specialists by calling them at (630) 474-5325 to schedule for service. The company is located at 7841 Woodridge Dr, Woodridge, IL, 60517, US. Visit Seepageseal’s website to learn more about the services it offers.

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