Dallas, TX – As an integrated healthcare facility, Spinal Works Dallas provides chiropractic care, medical care, and physical rehab all under one roof, allowing patients to get better, function well, and stay healthy for longer. The clinic comprises a team of chiropractors, nurse practitioners, massage therapists, physicians, and other medical providers knowledgeable about treating chronic/acute conditions without compromising on a patient’s specifications. 

Much like cardiologists with the heart or dentists with the teeth, chiropractors focus on conditions and injuries of the spine. At the Dallas chiropractic clinic, the providers diagnose and treat neuromuscular disorders including, herniated discs and back pain. They’re trained in decompression therapy, spinal adjustments, ergonomics, and exercises to correct misalignments of the spine, improve chronic conditions, and enhance functionality. To provide extensive care, the chiropractors at Spinal Works Dallas work directly with nurses and rehab technicians to develop a treatment plan that best suits the needs of a patient and corrects their condition. 

Discs can become degenerated/herniated due to lifestyle choices, injuries, accidents, or age. When this happens, a person experiences a limited range of motion, neck/back pain, as well as discomfort from worn spinal joints or diseased spinal nerve roots. With spinal decompression therapy, patients can alleviate pain associated with the spinal discs or in-between the vertebra. The providers stretch the spine using a traction table, increasing function in the spine. 

As a multi-disciplined clinic, Spinal Works Dallas offers physiotherapy to help people suffering from arthritis, injured workers seeking to return to work, automobile accident patients, athletes suffering from an injury, or patients recovering from surgery. The full physical rehab and strengthening program includes exercises, chiropractic care, braces, trigger point injections, and spinal decompression to ensure full recovery/prevent future injuries. The team starts by providing a Functional Assessment & Movement Screening to evaluate areas of the body that are too weak or stiff/tight muscles contributing to a client’s pain before tailor-making a treatment plan. 

With the knowledge that a healthy body affects spinal function and mobility, the team at Spinal Works Dallas takes a holistic approach to weight management by utilizing the FIT Medical Weight Loss Program. New patients undergo a medical evaluation with the nurse practitioner to receive EKG, blood pressure, weight, blood work, and BMI tests. The program helps patients achieve their overall health goals through personal accountability, guided lifestyle changes, B-12/B-6 fat burner injections, herbal/prescription appetite suppressants, and vitamin/mineral supplements. 

Spinal Works Dallas is led by Dr. Sunil Kurup, experienced family medicine and sports medicine physician passionate about improving the quality of life of all patients regardless of their conditions. To learn more about the chiropractic clinic, visit their website or call (214) 296-0269 to book an appointment. The clinic is located at 2821 Routh St, Dallas, TX, 75201, US. 

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