NASHVILLE, TN: Kyle Covers, one of the fastest-growing handicapping services in the United States, is delighted to announce their biggest success of the football betting season. The play involved the game between Georgia and Alabama, with Kyle Covers backing Georgia to beat Alabama, which of course, anyone interested in college football will know they did. 

Kyle Covers had Georgia Moneyline and was betting to win five units. Typically Kyle Covers use a standard unit size of 1 unit, so on this occasion, they were betting five times their average amount. Georgia won 33-16. In addition, the company also played the total going under (53.5) for two units. 

“This was easily our biggest bet of the entire college football season,” said Kyle Covers. “We wouldn’t normally choose such high stakes, but we were particularly confident that this bet would fall into place. Our extensive research, knowledge, and understanding of the game enabled us to deliver excellent results for our customers. We cannot wait for the new college football season to roll around, even though the last one has just finished.” 

Kyle Covers Spreads is the complete handicapping service for all major U.S. sports, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL & NCAA. The passionate and knowledgeable team at Kyles Covers Spreads has built a winning system for individuals looking to gain an edge with daily data-driven sports picks. With years of experience in the world of professional sports handicapping, the company offers outstanding value to clients who want to significantly grow their bankroll. Upon signing up for any of the company’s packages, customers will receive the specified picks, along with one-on-one support and an expert bankroll system. These will help clients better manage their accounts, helping them ride their winners and limit their losses. For more information about the company and their range of packages, please visit their website at 

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By Arlene Huff

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