Orlando, FL – The Local House Buyers, a real estate investing company in Orlando, FL is on a mission to simplify the property sale process for landlords across Florida. As a real estate investor, the company understands that many property owners are familiar with the traditional home sale process of contacting a realtor and waiting for interested buyers, however long it takes to reach that point. This traditional approach to property sale has become unsustainable as many landlords aren’t willing to part with any more money and wish to sell as fast as possible.

Real estate investors like The Local House Buyers solve this problem by offering property owners a chance to sell their properties in as-is conditions. This means that sellers can choose not to invest any more money into unwanted properties through repairs and remodels. Investors, unlike real estate agents, aren’t bothered about the condition of the house and will buy houses Orlando for fair prices. The Local House Buyers, as real estate investors, do not care about whether the property’s roof has caved or whether it has been involved in a water or fire disaster. Their team will appraise the property and offer the right price for it.

Investors like The Local House Buyers also help with foreclosures. Landlords whose homes are in foreclosure have a short window of opportunity to sell their homes to avoid the process completion. Real estate investors make it easier for landlords to sell such homes faster and within the short time frame required to halt foreclosure completion. The company also buys properties in bad neighborhoods, thus, saving landlords from the stress they’d have undergone in their search for independent buyers.

The Local House Buyers offers other advantages to sellers, including payment in cash for their properties, flexible closing dates that allow sellers to choose when they wish to close the sale, whether as fast as possible or they need some more time to put their affairs in order. With real estate investors, landlords can also eliminate the need to relist their properties, avoid complex paperwork, commissions, and fees that reduce their total sale price, and more.

The Local House Buyers offers a quick buying and closing process and saves landlords’ stress on all fronts. Landlords looking to sell inherited, unwanted, foreclosure, or properties in all conditions can contact The Local House Buyers via phone at (407) 499-4995 or visit them at 3208 E. Colonial Dr #176, Orlando, FL 32803, United States to get started. For more information, visit their website.

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