Yangzhou, Jiangsu – VASUCC Sheet Metal aims to take sheet metal fabrication and assembly solutions to the next level by manufacturing high-quality parts to company specifications. Having been in the market for years, the team takes pride in its ability to create customized sheet metal fabrication structures for various industries, timely deliveries, and affordability. The company’s products have comprehensive DFM design and manufacturing capabilities with advanced electronic and electric integration. An in-house factory performs productions and fulfillments for efficiency and fast turnaround. 

Telecommunication companies need sheet metal fabrication to conduct normal operations. Once a cable/satellite company identifies the necessary parts, they can contact VASUCC Sheet Metal. The team produces fully assembled floor standing rack systems, RU extensions/cabinets, power switch control cabinets, transceivers for signal boxes, and many more using advanced technology. Alongside the telecommunication industry, the company serves media companies that need parts for cameras, rigs, lighting fixtures, digital advertising equipment, outdoor TV display, and retail banners.

One of the ways VASUCC sheet metal fabrication & assembly solutions come in handy for industrial automation is by making parts for robotic arms. Metal fabrication allows companies to customize their robotics based on dimensions, uses, and budgets. While the technology used to create the products vary among industries, the team leverages artificial intelligence, laser cutting, and 3D printing. In logistics, the company has made it easier for companies to monitor and tag their production, manufacturing, and distribution lines. Automation ensures everything runs according to plan, eliminates unnecessary waste, and saves money/time. 

VASUCC Sheet Metal understands the fragility of medical equipment to create high-quality sterilized products that minimize medical mistakes, outbreaks, or infections. The team produces items in record time, so clients don’t have to worry about lagging between orders and deliveries. They create medical refrigerators, safety storage cabinets, sheet metal assemblies, supports, and side plates. Besides the medical industry, the company serves clients in new energy, 3D printing, electronic, mechanical machining, plastic products, electromechanical integration, and OEM manufacturing industries.

The sheet metal manufacturing team offers treatment for products so they can withstand elements for years without replacing them or getting an extra layer of protection. VASUCC Sheet Metal started working in industrial production in 2002 and has since achieved the ISO9001 standard of quality. By working with the company, clients enjoy the expertise of a team that has spent time learning from the market, improving manufacturing tactics, and meeting clients’ demands. Since they have withheld high levels of quality and precision with the best materials, the company has received 5-star reviews and long-term relationships with the clients. 

Contact them at suchang@vasucc-sheetmetal.com or visit their website to get an instant quote for sheet metal fabrication, electronic part assembly services, and custom metal/plastic part manufacturing.

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By Arlene Huff

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